Hiring Solutions

Technical recruiting for startups to enterprises

Involved in sourcing, hiring, or talent acquisition? We’re here to help solve your tech recruitment for software engineers, devops, data analysts, designers, product managers, and more.

Tech employers trust Hired

Companies of all sizes rely on Hired for tech hiring solutions.

Solutions for tech hiring managers

You’ve already got a job and it’s not technical recruiting. We’ll help you build your teams.

  • Easy to use talent marketplace efficiently finds qualified talent, even for “hard to fill” roles
  • More than 70% of Hired candidates have 6+ Years of Experience
  • Need support? Dedicated Customer Success Managers partner with you
  • Bundle Hired Sourcer for shortlisting & Hired Assessments for tech interview help
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technical recruiting solutions for tech hiring managers

Solutions for talent acquisition teams

Short or long range, we’re ready to make your tech recruiting plans a reality.

  • Thousands of skilled & experienced candidates actively job searching
  • Local, in-office, hybrid, and remote tech talent
  • Increase your productivity
  • Better ROI than a technical recruiting agency
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Solutions for DEI leaders

Surface underrepresented tech talent and reduce unconscious bias with Hired’s DEI features; connect using events and custom campaigns.

  • Build a pipeline of candidates from underrepresented groups (defined by EEOC)
  • Platform features promote skills-based hiring and alert you to potential unconscious bias
  • Coding challenge campaigns and virtual candidate events reach new talent pools (& reinforce your company as an ally)
  • Jobseekers self-identify as belonging to underrepresented groups, no assumptions here
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technical recruiting solutions for DEI leaders

Solutions for enterprise hiring

Backfilling a single role or scaling entire teams? We’re your technical recruitment partner.

  • Transparent pricing to meet your flexible hiring needs
  • Dedicated Customer Success teams invested in your goals
  • DEI features, async tech skill assessments, pipe-building candidate events, and more
  • Take your time back and get better ROI than with traditional recruitment agencies
  • Need sales, account management, or customer experience talent? We can help there too!

Solutions for employer branding

Boost your brand as a tech employer to woo top talent.

  • Customized Hired events and campaigns put you in front of new talent pools
  • Cut through the noise to reach highly-qualified talent actively seeking new roles
  • Hard to find roles or expanding into new markets? We’re here to help with technical recruiting solutions
  • Build and nurture your pipeline of tech talent to reach TA goals
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"Hired assesses, finds, engages active top talent open to responding. I'm addicted."

Jonathan Kidder

Sr Tech Recruiter & Author, "Top Talent Sourcing Tools for Recruiters..." @ Amazon

"I think it really opened up the candidate pipeline and identified a lot of people we wouldn’t typically source, especially nontraditional backgrounds that Dropbox likes to reach."

Kenny Koran

Technical Sourcing Lead @ Dropbox

"The Hired candidate was chosen over a former co-worker and friend of the hiring manager. That says a lot about the quality of tech candidates Hired brings to the table."

Talent Recruiter @ Healthcare tech company