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Instantly access a curated pool of experienced tech talent, seeking their next role.

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Cut through the noise to meet top talent

  • Focus on talent with the tech skills and experience meeting your needs
  • Boost productivity with curated searches to save up to 45 sourcing hours per hire
  • Opportunities to boost your employer brand
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technical recruiting solutions for tech hiring managers

Build your strongest candidate pipeline with ease

  • Onboard in minutes to our intuitive and easy-to-use platform
  • Integrate with your ATS
  • Manage your pipeline with an overview of your open roles and interviews
Diversify your pipeline

Source underrepresented talent to hit DEI goals 

  • Thousands of self-reported underrepresented candidates with 4+ years of experience
  • Bias Reduction feature hides candidate names and photos
  • Salary bias alerts notify you when your initial pay offer is too low
Diversify your pipeline
technical recruiting solutions for DEI leaders

"I got to Hired before I do anything else — before LinkedIn or even before applicants because I know there's so much quality and so much value... It should be everyone's first tool."

Desteny Callahan

Desteny Callahan

Technical Recruiting Manager @ Unite Us

"Hired has proven to be very powerful and it cuts through the noise. LinkedIn is so loaded and everyone's using it. Hired is a great way to get personal and direct."

Cameron Cooper

Cameron Cooper

Sr. Techincal Recruiter @ Unite Us

"The Hired candidate was chosen over a former co-worker and friend of the hiring manager. That says a lot about the quality of tech candidates Hired brings to the table."

Talent Recruiter @ Tech Healthcare Company

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