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Hired's leading tech-enabled solution covers every angle of top talent.

  • Dedicated Customer Success managers provide custom insights
  • Get an edge with competitors' offer details for candidates
  • Opportunities to boost your employer brand
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technical recruiting solutions for tech hiring managers

Build a strong, diverse pipeline

Meet thousands of underrepresented candidates with 4+ years of experience.

  • Surface more underrepresented talent
  • Features to promote skills-based hiring
  • Alerts support pay equity and reduce wage gaps
Diversify Your Pipeline
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From engaged candidate to loyal team member

Meet experienced, vetted tech & sales talent building careers.

  • Hear back from 90% of candidates within 48 hours
  • 30% of candidates on Hired's marketplace can't be found on LinkedIn
  • Candidates place faster and stay 18% longer than average
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technical recruiting solutions for tech hiring managers

"Because Hired cuts multiple quarters out of the recruiting process, we bring in quality candidates faster. That has saved us a lot of time and money."

Mike Moriarty, Dropbox

Mike Moriarty

Head of Global Staffing @ Dropbox

"I like being able to source specifically for underrepresented candidates. It's an easy UI to use and the candidates tend to be very responsive even if just to say they aren't interested."

G2 Reviewer

"Hired has proven to be very powerful and it cuts through the noise. LinkedIn is so loaded and everyone's using it. Hired is a great way to get personal and direct."

Cameron Cooper

Cameron Cooper

St. Technical Recruiter @ Unite Us

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