Reach underrepresented talent 

Diversity Recruiting Tools to Help Build an Inclusive Pipeline

Rated by G2 as a leading diversity recruitment tool, we make it easy to embrace skills-based hiring and exceed your DEI goals.

Who's hitting DEI goals with Hired?

Source underrepresented talent for your pipeline faster

Award winning features bring underrepresented talent to the forefront, without eliminating candidates or reducing the search count.

Surface Top Talent

Combat wage gaps and overcome bias in the hiring process

  • Prevent bias from impacting salary offers
  • Salary Bias Alert notifies you if you offer a lower salary for a role than usual
Make Better Offers
technical recruiting solutions for DEI leaders

Focus on skills-based hiring to progress DEI goals

  • Prevent unconscious or affinity bias in the hiring process
  • Bias Reduction Mode removes candidate profile photos and names to  emphasize skills and experience 
Find Skilled Talent

Level the playing field with Hired Assessments

  • Standardize the technical interview asynchronously
  • Evaluate more talent across more time zones 
  • Free your team from human proctoring while offering safeguards such as live playback 
  • Improve the candidate experience with organized evaluations
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"I like how you can click a little toggle button and have a non-biased hiring process"

brandon muncy

Brandon Muncy

Senior Recruiting Manager @ Excella

"I think it really opened up the candidate pipeline and identified a lot of people we wouldn’t typically source, especially nontraditional backgrounds that Dropbox likes to reach."

Kenny Koran

Kenny Koran

Technical Sourcing Lead @ Dropbox

"We always talk about a trade-off between speed and making sure the talent pool is diverse. With a platform like Hired, we’re able to do both."

Erin Cronin

Erin Cronin

People Business Partner @ VTS

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