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Hired Talent Sourcing saves you time, allowing you to focus on the best tech (and sales) candidates for the job.

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Focus on interviewing while Hired handles the sourcing 

  • As an extension of your team, we short-list to enhance your tech candidate pipeline
  • Hired Technical Sourcing is available as temporary or ongoing, long-term support
  • Busy hiring managers? No dedicated recruiter? We fill the gaps!
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Save recruiting time

  • Filter out unqualified and unmotivated candidates
  • We take the top-of-funnel tasks off your hands
  • We handle process management, including screening, short-listing, follow-ups, and candidate communication 
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Enhance the candidate experience and build your employer brand

  • Faithfully representing your brand, we ensure a best-in-class process for candidates
  • Never lose candidates due to uneven processes and poor communication
  • Get valuable insight on candidates early in the process
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"Hired is efficient compared to a lot of the other platforms we've used. It's really easy to source candidates… and the diversity features help us find what we're looking for specifically where there's a gap."

Nim Dhamu, Talent Acquisition Senior Analyst

Nim Dhamu

Talent Acquisition Senior Analyst @ BCB Group

"I like how you can click a little toggle button and have a non-biased hiring process"


Brandon Muncy

Senior Recruiting Manager @ Excella

"I focus on sourcing for full stack, frontend, mobile, backend, QA engineers, SDETs, and my number one go-to is Hired. I'm addicted to it."


Jonathan Kidder

Author & Sr Tech Recruiter @ Amazon

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