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For teams that need flexibility. Start reaching out to candidates quickly with our starter, pay-per-hire plan.

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Unlimited Hiring

For teams that want predictability. One annual fixed fee for unlimited hiring and premium customer support.

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Pay Per Hire
Unlimited Hiring
Monthly price
Pay per hire based on a percentage of the hire's first-year base salary. Unlimited hiring includes unlimited hires in your annual subscription.
15% of first-year base salary per hire
Custom Annual Subscription
High quality, high intent talent pool
Unlimited candidate access including up-to-date preferences and contact details. Candidates come to Hired for a better job search experience, leading to over 80% response rates.
Expanded candidate profiles
Detailed preference information including career preferences (industry, company size, career path), remote or location preference, and Security Clearance levels.
Compensation transparency
See candidates' salary expectations upfront for more transparent negotiations and saving time.
Completed assessment scores
Review what scores candidates received on Hired's technical assessments to understand their competencies.
Find underrepresented talent
Surface candidates who self-report their demographic information and qualify as underrepresented by the EEOC to build more equitable and diverse teams.
Bias reduction
Mitigate bias in your hiring process with our reduce bias toggle and salary bias alert.
Third-party integrations
Integrate Hired right into your current workflow (ATS, Slack, Okta, calendar) for no additional charge.
Hiring process data & analytics
Adjust and improve your sourcing efficiency and candidate outreach with in depth hiring metrics reporting.
Premium customer support
Our team is here to ensure your success. Unlimited hiring plans get a dedicated customer success manager and ongoing account reviews and recommendations to optimize your hiring process.
Total compensation package
Present your total offer details, beyond just salary and equity, so your company stands out as candidates compare offers.
Early access to new features
Help beta test new features and provide feedback on our product roadmap.
Technical assessment platform access
Hired Assessments offers real-world skill assessments for all of your technical hiring needs so you can have the insights you need to find a better fit, faster.
Custom candidate events
Streamline your sourcing with Hired Events. Lean on Hired’s custom audience targeting and unique event offerings to boost your employer brand and accelerate your hiring needs.
Sourcing as a service
Hired Technical Sourcing offers an expert, hands-on partner without the full-time commitment. Hired’s experienced Technical Sourcers can do the heavy lifting for you, at minimal additional cost.

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