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You may know Hired as a talent marketplace to connect employers with qualified tech and sales jobseekers, but we’re a lot more.

Trusted by employers of all sizes

From SMBs to global enterprises, Hired helps teams achieve their goals

Tech recruitment platform for busy teams

Hire faster, smarter, and more efficiently with the Hired tech talent marketplace.

  • Cuts through the noise. Find the right fit for your roles fast
  • Jobseekers are active. No guessing means higher response rates
  • Candidates are qualified and approved - free-for-all
  • Real humans + data = long-term employee satisfaction and retention
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Diverse teams spark greater innovation

Reduce unconscious bias and surface more candidates from underrepresented groups.

  • Easily surface qualified underrepresented talent around the world
  • DEI features prevent and alert you to potential hiring and salary bias
  • Improve representation in talent pipelines through custom events and campaigns
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technical recruiting solutions for DEI leaders

Hired Sourcer extends your team’s capacity

Is your TA team running lean? Are you without a dedicated recruiter? Hired Sourcer helps you stay on track.

  • Get candidates screened, shortlisted, through to interview scheduled
  • Build a talent pipeline of local and global candidates
  • Keep top candidates engaged with consistent communication
  • Assist with short or long-term help for tech or sales roles
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Hired Assessments streamlines technical interviews

Vet more tech talent quickly, fairly, and regardless of time zones.

  • Increase your speed to hire
  • Asynchronous technical screens improve candidate experience
  • Free your team from live proctoring time commitments
  • Evaluate more candidates at once in a DEI-friendly process
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Custom turn-key coding campaigns & virtual candidate events

Tap into new markets, strengthen your employer brand, and build talent pipelines with Hired Events.

  • Show top talent why you’re a great tech employer
  • Host a coding challenge to expedite technical interviews for hard-to-find roles or skills
  • Reach talent in target markets and underrepresented groups
  • Build and nurture talent pipeline
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"I like how you can click a little toggle button and have a non-biased hiring process."

brandon muncy

Brandon Muncy

Senior Recruiting Manager @ Excella

"The biggest difference is the partnership Hired provides. It isn't just a website, they have great people who work with you every step of the way."

Hayley Metcalf

Sr Technical Recruiter @ Capital One

"Hired does everything I need it to do to make my life as an Internal Recruiter easy and stress free."

Stephen Morrison

Lead Talent Manager @ Signal AI in the UK