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Accelerate Your Technical Hiring with Coding Challenges

Coding Challenges give you exclusive access to candidates that pass custom technical assessments.

Who's using coding challenges on Hired?

What is a Coding Challenge?

Coding Challenges are virtual 6 week campaigns run by Hired on your behalf.

  • You choose the skills to assess
  • Hired markets to qualified candidates
  • You receive an exclusive list of vetted candidates
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Coding Challenges vs. Hired Marketplace

Coding Challenges are recommended when you need a one-off burst of candidates.

  • Add 50–100 skill-assessed candidates to your pipeline
  • Fast-track your interview process
  • Grow your tech team, fast
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"Because Hired cuts multiple quarters out of the recruiting process, we bring in quality candidates faster. That has saved us a lot of time and money."

Mike Moriarty, Dropbox

Mike Moriarty

Head of Global Staffing @ Dropbox

"These were something new to the Citi team and so far we’re delighted with the results."


Maeve Haughey

Talent Attraction and Engagement Manager @ Citi

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