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July 28, 2022

Tech Candidate Spotlight – Graham Hensley, Senior Engineering Manager

Hi Graham! Can you tell us about your educational background? I got a traditional degree in Computer Science several years before the introduction of the first iPhone. I taught myself...

July 19, 2022

How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer

Hired & Exponent Partner for Engineering Career Advice Video Series Hired recently completed a video series with our partner Exponent, featuring three of our talented engineers: Nico...

June 30, 2022

Tech Candidate Spotlight - Sabarish Subramanian, Principal Software Engineer

Hi Sabarish - thanks for sharing more about your career path with us! Can you share a little bit about your educational background?  I have a Masters in Information Technology...

June 16, 2022

Tech Candidate Spotlight - Surya Ramaraj, Sr Software Engineer

Hi Surya - thank you for sharing your career path as a senior software engineer with us! Can you share a little bit about your educational background? I'm a non-immigrant on a work visa and I...

June 15, 2022

How to Maximize your Job Offer as a Remote Engineer

This article is reposted from one originally contributed to and authored by Lawrence Barker for Hired... How can you get the job offer you want? And how can you feel confident...

March 24, 2022

Tech Candidate Spotlight - Rina Joy Abu - Remote Software Engineer for SEMPRE

Inspired by the pandemic, Rina transitioned from medical coding to software coding, thanks to General Assembly Courses Which educational opportunities have made the biggest impact on your...